samedi 26 juillet 2014

Canyon sequel...

Hey!! Sooo I was gonna wait until I had enough visuals to put everything together as a "storyboard" kinda thing...But since I'm moving everywhere I can't keep up with a timetable and It could go on for a while till I decide that i have enough paintings. So am putting the ones I've done since last time!!
P.S: I did the last one today and as i took my wacom pen in my gentle and sweet hand this morning.....It broke in pieces...Like, seriously i painted with a wacom pen taped together, the only thing working is the lead (rubber ans side buttons are K.O) And this is where the tablet's button settings become handy!

Little Cameo of the Frogs that you can't really see and that i found cute in the end so I thought it was a shame... :3

To Be Continued....

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