lundi 30 novembre 2015

Some animation update.

Soooo.... I havn't posted anything in a while. And I am still not allowed to put anything from the show I am currently working on. But i FINALLY rendered my Animsquad animations and I thought it was time to share a little bit. There is also a little Dog run cycle, been trying to work on creatures.
I miss painting a lot, but I have found no space for it this year really... I have been focusing alot on my animation. 

Hope you floks enjoy it! 

 till next time. 

Animsquad Animation 2015 from Margaux Couet on Vimeo.
Maleficient01 - Animsquad animation - 2015 from Margaux Couet on Vimeo.
Dog_runcycle from Margaux Couet on Vimeo.