lundi 2 avril 2018

A peep to the past.

Here is a compilation of the work I did on the Tree Fu Tom Series At Bluezoo back in 2015.

Bluezoo was the beginning of many positive things in my life and I look back on these animations with a special touch of love. I was very lucky to arrive in such a great team and organised production for my first job in the industry. I met some of the best supervisors and leads I know to this day who gave me the opportunity to prove myself, experiment and grow. Hope you will enjoy this.
Dam you London you were a cool place to be.

Luv xxx

vendredi 11 août 2017

Few Sketches

Hi there,

Long time since i posted anything. So he is a compilation of my last year Inktobers and some new sketches I did while on holidays. Sorry for the quality of the pics...gotta blame phone camera.

Till next time.







INKTOBER#10 (not inked)

INKTOBER#11 (not inked)

Recent Sketches   

mercredi 1 juin 2016

Peaceful Evening #1

Alright, I am not fully happy with the result, but it was just a pretext illustration, done in an evening, to get back into painting and study clouds. Hopefully there will be more to come soon :)

Till next time.

dimanche 22 mai 2016

Feed me!!

Hi there,

Life has been kinda busy lately and this blog needs to be fed. I recently moved back to France and managed to find a good group of people gathering for life drawing sessions every week. Which has FINALLY given me the opportunity to put my (very) rusty left hand back to work. The following poses were from 30 seconds to 3 min using charcoal and pencil. 

Till next time,


mercredi 17 février 2016

RED MAGIC! The end of a chapter.

Hi everyone!

The time has come now when my work on Tree Fu Tom is done and I have to move on to a new adventure!
As the episodes gradually get released on the BBC I will be able to put some of my sequences on this blog but for now here is a little trailer ;)

Get ready for Muru and Red Crystal Magic!!!

Until next time

jeudi 24 décembre 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

©BlueZoo - from More Stuff - Christmas short.

  It's this time of the year again. My personal favourite surrounded by family, friend, good food, champagne, gifts, Christmas tree, fairy lights, fire in the chimney...

 I thought it was time for me to do a little conclusion of this past year. I haven't been blogging a lot, but good lord this year has been full of wonderful stuff. I have been working at BlueZoo animation studio for almost a year now and I couldn't be more grateful to the whole team for giving me my chance and help me grow as an animator. Everybody knows how tough it is to find a first job... All these emails saying "sorry you don't have enough experience." So once again I want to thank BLueZoo, and I hope this adventure will carry on.

 I had the chance this year to make a little promotional Elf Dance animation of this year's More Stuff short (click on it to see the film), directed by Simone Giampaolo. So decided to put it to illustrate this Christmas post :) - See above 
 (sorry i know it's not the 15th but the 24th the studio's GIF came like that XD).

That's it for the artistic part of my life, of course this year in London brought me many other human positive things. But let's keep this Blog art oriented ;)

It is time for me to let you go back to your foie gras and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
 See you next year!!!

With Love

lundi 30 novembre 2015

Some animation update.

Soooo.... I havn't posted anything in a while. And I am still not allowed to put anything from the show I am currently working on. But i FINALLY rendered my Animsquad animations and I thought it was time to share a little bit. There is also a little Dog run cycle, been trying to work on creatures.
I miss painting a lot, but I have found no space for it this year really... I have been focusing alot on my animation. 

Hope you floks enjoy it! 

 till next time. 

Animsquad Animation 2015 from Margaux Couet on Vimeo.
Maleficient01 - Animsquad animation - 2015 from Margaux Couet on Vimeo.
Dog_runcycle from Margaux Couet on Vimeo.